Choosing Your Business Name

Choosing your business name isn't always easy, but it's one of the most important business decisions you'll make. And it's one of the first decisions that you get to make as an entrepreneur!

If your business is only done online, your domain name will be the the web-version of "Location, location, location". It's your internet real-estate address. But online or off, the business name you choose to use is the first impression anyone will have of your business. That's why it's so important to choose it carefully.

But where do you begin? You might think that all of the good names are taken already. Well, lots of them are. But don't worry... you'll find one you like after a little work and brainstorming.

First, you'd better have a clear idea about exactly what your business is about. Once you're sure of that, start thinking about the customer you want to attract... visualize your "perfect customer." (That's one of the “who's” in your business plan.) Maybe you're wondering why that matters when choosing a business name for your business?

It matters because, although it's your business, your business isn't about you. Business is about solving your customer's problems. Your business will only succeed if you can convince someone that you have the solution they need.

The name you choose can help persuade them to take a closer look. Only if they "call, click, or come-in" will you get a chance to show 'em what you've got. So you've got to know who your customer will be and think like they'll think.

It's a little like fishing. If you know what or who you're after, you'll know what kind of bait you need. A baby boomer might be attracted to a different kind of name than a twenty-something hipster. An internet business owner may click on a different kind of name than a stay-at-home mom or teenager.

Do you see what I'm getting at? I want you to "get" this before you do ANY paperwork. Why? To save you lots of trouble, that's why. Because I've blown it before, big time.

And I know business owners that would pay me anything I asked for if I had a time machine they could use. They'd go back and think things over more carefully before they named their business. But you only get one chance so you've got to do it right the first time.

Warning I know you're just dying to do a Google search right now to see if anyone has the business name you're thinking about. No, no, no! That's a good way to lose the name you want for your domain name. Because everything online is automated, the potential names you're searching about show up really FAST in "keyword searches."

That means somebody else will be able see the words that you typed into Google on their search. If they like it and are faster than you are, they can register it for themselves.

Paranoid? No. Domain names are a huge business and it's really competitive. There's not really any privacy online. So wait a while longer before you do ANY name searches on the big, bad world-wide web.

So be patient... because taking the time to choose the right business name now will pay off later.

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