Motivational poems... for you!

Why read motivational poems? Because sometimes you need to be motivated, inspired, encouraged, or even comforted. Life's tough, no matter who says otherwise. And the business of becoming a successful entrepreneur is draining. Needing a little help doesn't make us weak, soft or a loser.

Read about how poems inspire the entrepreneur.

If providing an encouraging poem makes the difference between you giving up your business ambitions, or staying the course when you want to quit, then I want help.

This is a help for me too... I've been putting this Hungry Entrepreneur website together for over a year now. When I feel like I'm not making progress, I read poems to get out of the rut and back on track.

Why read poems? Because poems inspire me more than quotes. I like the rhythm of poetry. And frankly... the same quotes are repeated over and over.

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Comforting poems for after a small business failure.

So the idea is this... for the next month, I'm putting a new poem on a page called daily encouragement poems every day.

Encouraging poems are first, cause I need a boost now! But I just found a book of Edgar Guest poems, so those will added daily the 2nd week.

And if you have any an encouraging, inspiring or motivating poetry that you read whenever you need help... I'm going to set up so you can share... please!

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