Poems Inspire The Entrepreneur

Can poems inspire business people? Why do entrepreneurs need inspiring poems or quotes? Well, if you have to ask, you haven't started your own business yet!

In a perfect world no one would ever need to be encouraged, motivated or consoled. But this world "ain't" perfect. Entrepreneurs like us know that as well or better than anyone.

A business often starts with a dream or vision of perfection, but there's lots of potholes in that road to business success.

Sometimes we all get down in the dumps, hit a rough spot, or just feel uninspired. Many times a simple quote or poem will get you moving forward.

I've found that to be true for myself. I knew exactly what and why I wanted to open my skate shop because I literally had a vision in a dream. No kidding, I really did!

But the actual business finally moved from dream to the planning stage when I read a quote that spoke to me.

The quote was "You may be disappointed if you fail, but you're doomed if you don't try," by Beverly Sills. That quote helped me get past the fear that kept me frozen.

There's lots of good quotes. Here's some tips about finding entrepreneur quotes, with some of my favorites. Quotes like these have been recorded for thousands of years! You can easily find them online as well as in books.

But have you noticed that the same inspiring quotes get repeated over and over? By digging a little deeper I hope to find some you haven't already heard or seen. And because I like poetry I'll find poems to inspire you.

Where do I find these poems and quotes?

I decided to write a page about how poems inspire business owners for this Hungry Entrepreneur website. When I started looking for them, I found books that were full of inspiring poems, as well as motivational poems, encouraging and comforting poems. These poems help you through a small business failure, as well as encouraging poems to inspire you to get back on your feet and start a new business.

These poems inspire and remind us that today's problems aren't new or unique. "There's nothing new under the sun," and “This too shall pass.” (How's that for a double-whammy of quotes?)

One of the things I like about some of these older writings is the 'folksy' tone of voice. The down side is that they were usually written for men... I guess because many more men owned businesses than women.

So, I'm sorry about all of the "he & his" in the poems. When I can edit them to our more gender-neutral taste, I will. Otherwise, I'm letting them stand as-is.

The other reason I'm using older poems and quotes is because they are all firmly in the public domain. I always try not to violate anyone's copyright. And I'm not a poet myself.

Where do the pictures come from?

The pictures included with the inspiring poems are either my own photos or are family pictures. I'm an 4th-generation amateur photographer. I love to take new pictures whenever I can. And since I'm the keeper of the family photo archives, I have access to about a century of wonderful photos.

Sorting through those pictures and matching them to different poems is a huge but enjoyable job. And I'm learning as I go.

I use the free graphic program called GIMP. If you think you need to buy an expensive program to have fun with graphics, think again! It's FREE to download online... and is a fantastic program.

I hope you enjoy the poems, and find them inspiring, comforting, and motivating like I do!

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