What are the top 10 internet businesses?

Do you know what the top 10 internet businesses are? You should plan on starting internet business

Well, there's all kinds of businesses you can do online. But really there's ten main categories that each fall into.

These are all legitimate internet businesses, but are all too-broad categories to make money with as-is. You'll need to chose your own niche or sub-category within any of them to be successful.

Internet marketing

  1. Create & direct traffic. This is another way of saying that you're moving people from place to place... website to website. If you learn how to do this well, you can build more than one legitimate internet businesses doing this.

    Why? Because traffic is the "life-blood" of internet business. EVERY WEBSITE needs to have traffic to it. Without traffic, you're invisible online. The size and nature of the internet (as a virtual, not a physical place) makes providing that traffic (people, hopefully customers) one of the top 10 internet businesses. The best way to make money providing traffic is by using the Google Adsense program. The other main search engines have similar programs too... but I'm a Google gal.

  2. Blogging. Writing a blog is a lucrative online writing gig for many people. But it's not for anybody looking to get rich QUICK online. There's a lot of skills to learn. The blogger needs to be able to communicate well. All online marketing rules apply to blogging.

    You need to learn how to build traffic to your blog, using SEO & other techniques. Networking w/other bloggers helps build credibility. (And you'll learn a ton!) You ultimately get paid for the level of influence you develop. Once readers trust you, they'll be open to your suggestions. If blogging is done well, it can be one of the top 10 internet businesses.

  3. Infopreneur. The internet's called the information superhighway. Most people get online several times a day to find information about something. I dare you to try to go a week without "Googling" something. It drove me crazy when I was camping w/o the internet.

    An infopreneur makes money by creating informative content for either their own website or blog. Again, traffic is key. If you're going to make money selling your information, you'll need to be found by people via traffic generation, and have a product to sell- either consulting services, your own ebook, or through...

  4. Affiliate marketing. That's a kind of online referral program to sell products. The products can be virtual, or referrals for sales of hardgoods, like books, etc. Your ultimate goal (MWR) is to get a commission off of a sale. The affiliate (either a person or business) pays you a portion of the sale.

    You need to create traffic to your site and then re-direct it to the sale location. Again, you will need to have a location like a blog or website. That's not as hard as it sounds.

  5. Find out about starting a website by clicking here.

    Selling online

    The next three on this list of the top 10 internet businesses are more traditional selling. These are “person to person” (or business to business) sales of real products online. An actual product is being sold to someone, anywhere in the world.

    I'm familiar with all of these because I've done them all... and if I can, you can! If you're a crafter or maker of anything, you've probably heard about etsy. If you are a collector, you've already heard about eBay. All you need to do is find a product to buy for resale online.

    For someone new to home-based business, I'd recommend using an already-open site. But if you have access to your own website to sell on, you'll keep more of the profit in your pocket.

  6. Sell on eBay A great way to start your own business. Research what you'll sell carefully. It's no fun selling without making money. Remember there's other places to sell besides eBay. Click and find out what the eBay alternatives are. are.
  7. E-commerce You'll need your own site to sell from, and a way to collect money from customers prior to shipping. Then you need to advertise & generate traffic to your site. It takes more time to build this kind of business and be profitable with it. But once it's successful, the money's all yours!
  8. Sell what you make. Crafting is a huge, profitable market now. The time is perfect for starting an online business selling your stuff.
  9. Start a freelance business

  10. Writing. Another of the top 10 internet businesses is writing and editing online for other people. Face it... not everyone has skills, knowledge or interest in writing. But since the internet is mainly written word, there's LOTS of need for writers.

    Many companies aren't willing to keep a writer on the payroll full or even part time. They'd rather hire a freelancer when they need one for a specific project. If you have the skills, this is a good way to earn money at home. You should check out these online companies.

    I don't have any experience with any of these companies. If I decide to try any of them myself, I'll write a review afterwards. But for now, browse around their websites to get an idea of how they work. Remember,don't pay or sign anything until you've done all of your research.

    • elance dot com
    • guru dot com
    • lime exchange dot com
    • odesk dot com
    • diy freelance thru craigslist, etc.

  11. Photography. Again, the internet has created a market for pictures. Of what? Well... anything you can imagine! There's a need for good photos for websites, and there's lots of websites to sell your photos on.
  12. This last one can be pay really well, so that puts it on my list of top 10 internet businesses. But really, not many people will have the skills needed to do it.


  13. Consulting. Provide advice or guidance in your area of expertise to other businesses. There's good money to be made with a consulting business. You'll need LOTS of knowledge in your specific field. Good networking skills and a large list of contacts is a plus.

Any of these top 10 internet businesses can be done from your home. They're all legitimate internet businesses. If you're interested in any of them, you'll need to find your niche within the broad category. Look online and see what businesses are already there. Then start your own business!

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