Read encouraging poems daily!

Reading encouraging poems is a big help for a person that's either starting their own business or having business problems. Poems, quotes, and daily affirmations really make a difference, because often half the battle of business is in our own minds.

Maybe you need a "kick in the pants" to get your business past the dream stage. How about some encouragement to "keep on keeping on" when progress is too slow. Or how about a shoulder to cry on after a business setback or failure.

No matter what your situation is, poems and quotes have a place on your daily reading list. I can't stress this enough.

To prove it, I'm posting a different poem daily as food for thought for myself and other hungry entrepreneurs. Click here to read some encouragement poems. Here's another poem to show you what I mean. You've heard the saying "garbage in, garbage out"? Make no place in your mind for negative thoughts. You're working hard, and doing new things. Keep the positive input coming... from family and friends, or long-gone poets!

A poem like Bars of Fate is just what an unsure entrepreneur needs to read when the going starts to get tough.

We all erect our own prisons, one bar at a time, by accepting self-imposed limitations. Only when we decide to take risks and push at the bars do we discover that the bars are figments of our imagination... they dissolve when examined closely. If that's not an encouraging thought, I don't know what is!

I couldn't find out much about the author of this poem, Ellen M. H. Gates... only that she was born in 1834 and died in 1920. I found this poem in a book called It Can Be Done; poems of inspiration copyright 1921. This amazing book is the perfect cure for the entrepreneur blues... or any blues!

I took the picture while boating on Detroit Lake in Oregon. The osprey in the picture was soaring with about a dozen others in the rainy gray sky. It was a perfect day... no fish were caught but I had a great day with family and friends. And took TONS of wonderful pictures.

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