Small Business Failure Isn't The End

Small business failure is a terrible thing to experience. I know and understand. Many things can cause your business to fail it can't always be prevented, no matter how hard you try.

When the economy takes a bad turn, like it has lately, you see and hear the sights and sounds of small businesses closing. If you're involved, it's hard to focus on a positive future, and to make plans to start over.

Small business statistics tell us that 50% of small businesses never make it past their first few years. And that's in a good economy! Many things take their toll on a business... and make you an entrepreneur without a business!

The real question is how will you deal with your failed business if it happens to you? If you're not broken up about your loss, plan your next venture more carefully. You have valuable experience now.

If you're mourning your small biz failure, take things one day at a time. Here's some tips for dealing with stress from a failed business. You will feel better after awhile.

The business failure poems and quotes of long ago are timely again. Economic disasters are nothing new... and this one probably won't be the last! Entrepreneurs have to be resilient and resourceful.

That's why I really liked this quote... because it applies so well to small business failure. The quote's by Theodore Roosevelt, who acknowledges that the only real defeat is to refuse to rise again.

This quote is "The world wants the kind of men and women who do not shrink from the temporary defeats in life but come again and wrestle victory from defeat."

Don't ever give up! To triumph over defeat, we have to be willing to persevere against the odds... and to rise again after we fail.

The next poem is by Mariam Teichner, and is about refusing to compromise your principals, even in the face of defeat. Click here to read this wonderful poem. It seemed relevant to me, so I included it on this page of small business failure poems.

I found the quote and poem in a book that's full of quotes, inspirational poems and stories from 1930, during the Great Depression. The book's called Tony Won's Scrap Book, by Tony Won.

If you're interested in books like that, this is a good one. It's out of print but I'm sure that you can find copies on eBay or at antique stores and flea markets.

I'll add more comforting poems and quotes later when I find good ones to share. Be sure to check back again later!

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