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Nobody shared any business tips with me... l learned them all the hard way. This is a list of 10 secrets of successful entrepreneurs. Some of these tips may seem obvious, but seeing them in writing might make somebody say “a-ha!”

Use what you can. Please pass the information along to anybody you know that's thinking about starting a business. I hope these business tips help you on your road to success!

  1. Research. (or pre-search!) Really be clear who & where your customers are. This is an important business tip. Don't be afraid to challenge your pre-conceived assumptions. Question everything! It won't diminish your plan, but make it more accurate. Learn as much as you can about what you're selling. If it's an actual product, find out what you need to know now before your biz is open to public. If it's an "e-product," learn about it by searching for reviews, and testing it yourself.
  2. Budget. Plan a budget for your time and money now. The less money you have available, the more you need control over it! Same goes for time. Business tip 1 and 2 are part of your business plan . You've got one, right?
  3. Delegate. Delegate whatever tasks you can to someone else. Free up your own valuable time. You're the brains behind the business. Keep your mind free to do what it does best.... create, plan, solve problems. Let someone else do the day to day things- like paying bills, etc.
  4. Follow through. Follow through on your goals, your plans, and your promises! Plans and goals are obvious and pretty easy to make and keep. Promises are sneaky. Don't make any promises that you can't keep immediately! It's tempting, but just zip your lip! Don't promise this or that, because you don't have control over what will happen in the future. Promising things and not following thru (because you can't) will only make you look bad. I learned #4 on this list of business tips the hard way.
  5. Be online. The internet is your best ally. Get comfortable with your computer... spend time with online... make the internet work for you. For heavens sake, don't be afraid of computers, and don't pretend that the internet doesn't apply to your business. It does, and your competition already knows that! This might be the most important piece on the business advice list. Pass this list along to your entrepreneur friend that hates the internet and highlight this tip!
  6. Work hard to raise the money you need before you begin, if you can. Arrange whatever financing you can. These days, there's not a lot available for most people starting businesses. Figure out how much money you have available that you can use. Squeeze as much value out of it that you can. Bootstrapping is hard work... but so what? You're up to the challenge!
  7. Find a mentor. Learn as much about your particular business that you can. Find people to help you see your business from a different perspective or point of view. And remember to be a mentor to someone else when you can.
  8. Network. I learned this piece of business advicetoo late to make a difference in my company. But you've heard it before... just do it! Network as much and as often as you can. That “old boys” network that everyone loves to hate... well, you can't argue with success. Schmooze with your peers, customers, anybody vaguely related to your business. It's a little harder if you work online, but using social media helps a lot. Social network marketing is fun once you get the hang of it!
  9. Avoid contracts. Avoid signing any business contracts. If you don't have to put it in writing for someone, don't! If your business changes and you no longer need the contracted service, you're stuck because contracts are mostly unbreakable. Paying for those un-needed services a year or two later is expensive and painful. Just sayin'.
  10. I Quit! Be realistic about closing your business if your business is failing. I'm not saying to throw in the towel at the first hurdle. Building a business at first is nothing but hurdles. You have to be persistant, resourceful, and an over-comer if you're going to succeed. These are traits of a successful entrepreneur. But at some point you know that it's time to say “enough's enough.” I felt that “failure was not an option” for me and my business. Fool that I was! No one shared any business advice like this with me. I'm still paying the bills for keeping my biz on life support with credit cards long after the biz is dead and gone.

That's it... plain and simple. If you're thinking to yourself, "...maybe I need to..." you'd probably better! These 10 secrets of successful entrepreneurs is your gift from the Hungry Entrepreneur. They're
free business tips... use them!

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