How Do YOU Keep Up With Important Ebay News?

What's the latest eBay news and where do you find it? If you're a seller, you already know this... the one thing that's constant for sellers on eBay is change.

Ebay rolls out major changes to the website very often. It's an active and always evolving site. That's a good thing in a way. But sellers have to keep on their toes to adapt to the changes.

A lot of the changes are meant to make eBay more attractive to buyers and a safer site to do business with. But changes often hit the sellers in their pockets. There's nothing worse than finding out that, because of a change, you'll be paying more in fees. Or that because of some minor change, each listing takes more time to complete. Or worse still, that you need to change every listing in your store to comply with a new rule. (Remember, time is money.)

This doesn't only happen on eBay, it just happens more often on eBay. How can a seller find the latest ebay news and announcements, and understand how it will affect their business?

Well, eBay is good about announcing their changes. Sellers usually have several months from when the change is announced until it goes into effect.

There's several places to look for those announcements. First, look on your Selling Manager Summary page, across the very bottom. Just above the copyright information, in blue lettering, is the word "Announcements". This links to a page with several years of general Ebay announcements. This page has links to all the Ebay news you could possibly need.

The next place to watch is your own eBay email messages. News and information about special promotions, changes, and other announcements is sent there. It all shows up in your message box.

The link to get your messages is also on your Selling Manager summary page.... simply marked "Messages". The messages in that box are the only messages from eBay that I ever open. Don't ever click on links that say they're from eBay that you receive in your own personal, off-of-eBay email. I guarantee that those are most-likely spam.

If you think eBay is trying to get hold of you, log into your eBay account and check the messages there. Only the eBay links on eBay are safe to click.

Sometimes the impact of the change(s) isn't obvious in the announcements. Sellers need to "puzzle out" how each thing will affect their business. That's when it's helpful to talk to other sellers. But you work at home. Where is everybody?

You can find other sellers in the various discussion boards and chat rooms in the "community" section. The link to that is in the upper right hand corner of any eBay page. Click where it says "Community".

You'll be taken to an area with tons of choices. Take your time and look around. The discussion boards are topic specific. Announcements about changes are discussed in great detail here. Lurk quietly and learn, or join in the discussion.

A quick word of caution... some forums or boards are less friendly and civil with newcomers than others. I suggest lurking first to learn the unwritten code of conduct. But that's just my opinion.

If you still have a question after doing your own research, you should talk to someone from eBay. Go to the eBay home page. In the upper right corner in purple, click where it says "contact us". You'll be taken to a page with instructions about having your question answered. I've done this before, and they answered my question. That's a quick and easy solution.

I have one last suggestion to help you keep up to date with Ebay news. There's a website called Click here to see auctionbytes for yourself. This site has its finger on the pulse of the online auction and selling community. It's frequently quoted on the discussion board I'm active on, and I've learned a lot from this site.

If you are really ambitious to learn more Ebay news, don't forget to look in magazines and newspapers, and use the different search engines to find out more. Some folks say "The more you learn, the more you earn". Maybe that will be true for you!

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