What Do You Need For Your eBay Home Business?

You've decided to start your own eBay home business? Good choice! Once you've decided on a niche, you can get started selling really soon. But Just like any other business, you'll find that there are certain things that you just can't do without.

  1. Computer and internet connection. If you're planning to earn a full-time income with your eBay home business, you'll need a computer that's reliable. Budget enough for a high-speed cable connection. Believe me, using a DSL connection is really slow for this business. But if you live where that's the only connection available, you'll just have to work with it.
  2. A comfortable computer desk & chair. You'll work there off and on all day. Get something that's comfortable for you. Used is finefor now, unless you have more money to spend.
  3. A printer, ink and paper. You'll be printing shipping labels to save yourself time. Hand-writing them is slow, and often hard for the postal service to read. You don't want to have packages go astray because of a bad label. I always put a piece of clear packing tape over the customer's name on the address label, to prevent the ink from smearing if it gets wet.
  4. A digital camera , memory card & USB cord. Your widgets won't sell well without a good picture. The newest top-of-the-line camera isn't necessary. For most people, a camera with a "macro" setting (capable of taking a clear close-up) is fine for getting started. For more info about cameras, log in to and go to the forum called “Photos and HTML.” The people there are very nice and can help you with your questions about taking eBay photos, camera advice & help, etc.
  5. A place to take pictures that has good light. The kind of light you need will depend on what you're taking pictures of. Natural daylight is better for some things. A good light source works best on others. If you're working with props or manequins, it's helpful to have a dedicated photo area so you don't have to keep putting your things away.
  6. Scanner. For some small, flat items, a scanner works really well for getting detailed pictures. I use mine a lot for what I sell.
  7. Storage system for your inventory. It's amazing how your eBay home business will spread out and take over your home. Unless you're using a dropshipper, you'll have stuff. Work out a way to keep it organized. It helps to keep the things already up for sale separate from the rest of the inventory.
  8. Packaging for shipping. You will need packing tape and containers to ship in. I use the USPS free shipping materials whenever I can. You may need bubble wrap or styrofoam peanuts if your item is fragile. A lot of these are available on, you guessed it... eBay! Shop there and support your fellow eBay members.
  9. A scale & measuring tape or stick for shipping. Your scale is your best friend when you're writing your auction. You'll be asked how much your widget weighs. A wrong guess will cost you money. Know the weight and size of the package before you list your product.
  10. A system for tracking sales, profit & cost of goods. You have to keep good records. Create or find a system that works for you, that you will use.
  11. These are the basic things that every eBay home business will need. The longer your business operates, the more you'll discover. If you hang out in the forums much, you can get all kinds of valuable tips from other eBay'ers. There's even a forum devoted to shipping. Remember, listen and learn. Share if you can.

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