Review of free eBay template websites

... or is free really free?

Are you looking for a free eBay template to 'spiff' up your auctions or store listings? Well, there's a lot of sites that offer free eBay templates.

As an eBay seller with an eBay store, I'm always thinking about how I can increase my sales. One of the things I noticed about many of the successful sellers is a unique look and feel in their stores.

That made me curious... do you really need to have a customized template for selling? For the effort involved, will it pay off in more sales and repeat customers? Hmm.

I did some online research and asked sellers in the eBay forum I'm involved with. One of the most important things you'll do to increase your sales on eBay is to learn marketing. Presenting a consistent image (creating your business brand) when dealing with people is a good thing... and will help you look like the eBay business professional you are or want to be.

Since an eBay seller needs to keep an eye on their bottom line, one of those free templates sounded good. If you “Google” the phrase 'free eBay template' or any variation of those words, you'll see what I researched. Here's what I discovered.

Free Boutique Templates - looks harmless, and has quite a few templates. You can use them, but there's a catch. You had to allow a 3rd party network called mindspark add their own toolbar to your computer. This gives you access to gaming, chat and other stuff. Well, being the suspicious person online that I am, I wouldn't dream of applying this kind of software into my system. Next!

Isdntek - free templates compliments of ShipScript. She's an eBay user and an active person in the graphics & html forums. This site is exactly what it be... FREE. I loved the Pretty Borders Plus template website, and had it figured out... it wasn't too hard. But when I went to add photos for my auction, they didn't work.

The problem wasn't with Pretty Borders Plus, but with my photo-hosting service. Seems that good old Photobucket is buggy now... and having nasty virus problems.. Until I figure out where to upload my pix to, I won't be able to use this template site. Too bad, but I'll be back.

Auctomize - looks like it's what it says- 36 customizable auction templates.

DeSaCS- has an interesting assortment of auction templates with nice graphics. There's free auction templates as well as $1 & $5 templates and a template creator. Reasonable terms. I'll try this site later after I resolve my photo hosting problem.

Auctiva - advertises free templates. That's a little misleading, if only because the templates (and there's a bunch of them) are free with your paid monthly subscription to their service. I do know sellers that are very happy with their service but I haven't personally used it yet.

Auction Listing Creator is another free-templates-with-subscription site. Price options are $50 & $90 a year. Nice looking templates. Has an affiliate program. If you're happy with the program, why not get paid for your referral?

Template-O-Matic and Xample are both really Auction Listing Creator and Listing Factory.

Inkfrog - is similar to Auctiva, and I've heard good things about it. Look it over and see what you think.

Seller Sourcebook- is the last website I'll mention now that offers free eBay templates. This is the one I'm going to give a try. It's similar to the Auctiva, but offers an affiliate program as well as other services I'd like. Check it out!

So. After all this reviewing and researching, do I think I'll bother using a template to jazz up my listings? Yes, absolutely.

An eBay sellers life is all about increasing profit while controlling costs...... cost per item for you, cost per picture, starting and closed listing fees, etc. Anything you can do to increase your sell-thru is a good thing. And if the increase in sales doesn't cost you anything except for a little time, like some of the free eBay templates, you'd be crazy not to put them to work for you.

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