Learn how to become an entrepreneur

Do you want to learn how to become an entrepreneur? It's not that hard... simply decide to start your own business. Voila... you're an entrepreneur! Sound simple? Unfortunately, there's more to it than that.

An entrepreneur is the person in charge- the decision maker and the brains behind the business. Success or failure is in your own hands.

Part of learning how to become an entrepreneur is learning to see things differently. It's your job to be alert for opportunities. Risks too, of course, but you have to recognize the one before you need to worry about the other.

If you've been working for someone else, this may feel strange at first. But you need to stop thinking like an employee that works their 8 hours and then goes home. An entrepreneur, especially in a start-up business, is always working.

Plan to learn & learn to plan...

Start thinking like a business owner. It will help you to study business and entrepreneurship. Don't panic... you don't need a MBA degree to be a successful entrepreneur!

You can find fantastic books about small business and entrepreneurship at bookstores and libraries. Take business classes and workshops wherever they're offered. And don't forget to read current magazines too.

Another good way to learn more about how to become an entrepreneur is by reading blogs. There's an incredible amount of wisdom online, and the bloggers are thrilled that you're reading what they post. Social networking is great too... meet and share with people all over the world!

Unless you've been inspired with a perfect business idea, you'll have to think of your perfect business. If you get stuck at this stage, see my page about brainstorming businesses. Set your sights high! Write your dreams and goals down.

Once you have some ideas about what you'd like to do, it's time for a reality check. Some of these businesses won't work at all for you.

Many will cost more money then you have. Some will take skills you don't have and don't have time to learn. Others may not be profitable enough. Refine your idea.

Now learn as much as you can now about the business you want to start. Look at other businesses. See what the competition's like. Yes, entrepreneurs are nosy. You can't be in the dark about important details.

Narrow your idea down again, and identify a smaller niche that you can be successful in. Can you find a specific part of the business that's less competitive but still profitable? Should it be possible to earn the money you need? Do you want to build an 'empire' or just pay the bills?

Plan like crazy- the devil's in the details. You're at the business and marketing plan part of the business. You can be very specific now that you know what your business will be.

You cannot plan too much! But you can plan too long... so once you've done the pre-search and the research, you're ready to get started.

You know enough now about how to become an entrepreneur... follow the basic steps for starting your kind of business. No matter what business you open, there's certain things that have to be done. Taxes. Licenses. Business and domain names. Start at the top of the list and get them done. Now you're an entrepreneur with a business!

Think like an entrepreneur!

Be optimistic- think positive! Be critical of criticism, but consider other points of view. I used to laugh at the bumper stickers that said “Question everything.” Now I get it... challenge your assumptions.

Be courageous- lots of what you do as an entrepreneur may be new and scary. Remember the phrase “risk and reward?” You'll be risking money, self-esteem, failure, maybe ridicule. Fine... do what you need to do anyway.

Find mentors, online or off. Network with other entrepreneurs. Make friends with people that can show you the way... and then help others when you can! Besides, nobody understands the ups and downs of business like another businessperson.

Stay focused- don't get sidetracked. It's easy to see too many options and lose sight of your original goals. I've been on lots of 'wild goose chases' that were dead ends. Follow a plan that you wrote for your business. It doesn't have to be a grand plan, but do jot down a guide for yourself. Trust me- this will help you more than you think.

Be patient. In your plan, set specific time goals with measurable results that you are trying to achieve. Give yourself a reasonable amount of time for measurable results.

Don't give up without a fight. Stuff happens, and it won't always make you happy. Be flexible. Learn from your mistakes. If one part of your plan doesn't work, tweak it and try again. As an entrepreneur, overcoming obstacles is in your job description.

Ready? I said it was easy. Well, it is. Anybody can open a business. People do it all the time. But learning how to become an entrepreneur that's successful is a lifelong process. Get started now.

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