Book Review- Secrets Of Six-Figure Women

I read Secrets Of Six-Figure Women by Barbara Stanny about a year after my retail business failed. Finally past most of the depression from that failure, I was ready to start another business. It would be home-based this time. Yes, I was ready to become a successful WAHM.

But before I got really serious with my new venture, I wanted learn why I'd failed in my previous business. I had to know how to prevent it from happening again. Repeating the same mistakes would be stupid, I thought. So I went back to my business book library.

This book was just what the “doctor” ordered. It's named Secrets Of Six-Figure Women, but much of what she writes would apply to men too. Why? Because the book helps you explore your attitudes about yourself, money, relationships, business, and other facts of entrepreneurial life.

Face it... most of us are raised to be employees and to spend our lives looking at the world from that point of view. Starting and running your own business requires a shift in the way you think.

Some people make the change easily, but others struggle with this new way of thinking. Once you are an entrepreneur, you'll understand what I'm talking about. If you're already one, you're probably nodding, thinking about conversations with friends that still work for “the boss.”

Stanny has been a motivational speaker, and is a writer. She was able to interview hundreds of successful business women, and began to see patterns to their success.

These patterns or strategies are what she shares with us in this book. (She has other books published too, but I haven't read them yet.)

Secrets Of Six Figure Women identifies seven strategies that she discovered were common to most successful high-income women. These are

  • A profit motive (your personal why)
  • Audacity (my favorite entrepreneur trait!)
  • Resiliance
  • Encouragement
  • Self-awareness
  • Nonattachment
  • Financial know-how (obeying the rules of money

I think you'll agree that these are valuable whether you're a man or woman in business. The first order of business in The Secrets of Six Figure Women, is some mental housecleaning. Yep, you need to examine why you are where you are. You've got baggage from the past to deal with.

Don't worry; there's no 'weepy' self-analysis about to happen in the book. But if a strong house (or business) is built from the foundation up, you have to find the “loose bricks” and replace them. I know I did! Stanny gives the reader chapter after chapter of very usable tools, encouragement and motivation.

Much of the book deals with money. She explores our attitudes towards it, and managing what money you do have, Since the motivation of most entrepreneurs is to make money, this valuable information to help you and your business thrive, or even just keep your business afloat.

So here's the big question... should you find a copy of Secrets of Six-Figure Women & use your scarce and valuable reading time on it ? Absolutely! But especially if you've had some problems with money or business in the past.

I'm not saying that Stanny can make your problems go away. But if you read this book, you should be able to identify what the problems are and start repairing your business or financial 'foundation.'

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