Book Review- Start Your Own Business & hire yourself

I just finished reading the book Start Your Own Business and hire yourself by Suzanne Caplan. Why did I choose this book? Well, I was looking thru my bookshelf, trying to decide what to read next. I noticed that I had very few 'how to start a business' books. Once you've opened a business or two, you sorta know the basics.

The copy I read was checked out of my local public library. I started reading this book prepared to dislike it. Why? Because it had a "Suze" feel, and I haven't liked her books very much. But I was wrong about Start Your Own Business.

Caplan covers the basics, like what type of business entity to choose, the different kinds of businesses you could own (retail, franchise, etc.) and lots of other basics that entrepreneurs need to think about. These important steps are discussed in a simple-to-understand way that I liked.

The first 3 chapters include an excellent chapter about how to write your business plan. By the time I got to chapter 4, I noticed that I was carrying the book around the house, trying to read it while getting ready to go out. (I guess that meant it caught my interest.) And then she started talking about money.

Start Your Own Business & hire yourself has several chapters devoted to money including

  • how to fund your business
  • budgeting the money you have
  • making enough money
  • basic accounting to keep track of your money
That's important information! Without money and profit, you don't have much of a business. But she doesn't stop there.

Next Caplan talks about customers... getting them and keeping them. She even talks about (gasp) firing customers! This is the real stuff... the details that make or break businesses every day. Finally, she discusses how to pay yourself, and maybe even sell your business.

I only had one complaint. She doesn't have much respect for internet businesses. Maybe that's because she's used to off-line business. She is right- there's lots of GRQ schemes to watch out for. And there is a lot of competition.

But I still think that home-based internet businesses are the way to go for many of us. And I believe that it's worth figuring out how to make it work for you!

So here's the big question. Would I recommend that you add Start Your Own Business and hire yourself to your business bookshelf? Yes! Honestly, this is the book that I would write if I ever get bit by the "writing bug." I found myself nodding in agreement most of the time.

Do yourself a big favor- if you're thinking about starting your own business, get a copy of this book and read it! I think you'll learn a lot and increase your chance of success.

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