Book Review- The Power of Focus

The Power of Focus- how to hit your business, personal and financial targets with absolute certainty. That's a powerful book title. Hype? No. This book has amazing potential to help you change your life. But like any of the zillion available books, your biggest obstacle to self-improvement is located before the hyphen... SELF-improvement.

This book was written by three authors you're probably familiar with. They're Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Les Hewitt. All three are experts on the topics of self-improvement, marketing and entrepreneurship. Because of the books they've written, they've earned my respect.

What's The Power of Focus about? I'm going to list the 10 areas they focus on. Look at them closely.

  1. Developing good habits.
  2. Learning to be focused.
  3. Seeing a bigger picture.
  4. Creating balance in your work & personal life.
  5. Relationships.
  6. Building confidence.
  7. Asking for what you want.
  8. Consistent ersistence.
  9. Taking action.
  10. Living on purpose.

Hmm, see anything you could use? I could use help with each one! Are the steps “doable?” Yes, I think so. But like I mentioned in the first paragraph, you are the only one that can make anything happen. If you're having problems in any of these areas, that creates a viscious cycle that makes change much harder. I wish I knew an easy solution... but then these smart guys would be out of a job.

I keep trying to make changes and failing to some degree. But I think than any effort is good. The more you try, the more you do move forward towards your goal thru sheer persistence. Even if the movement is small, it's still progress.

So, would I recommend that you buy a copy of The Power of Focus? If you're interested in making positive changes in your life... YES! Improvement in any of the 10 areas will make a huge difference in an entrepreneurs life- either financial or personal. Personally, I know that my bad habits have cost me a lot over the years. If you're like me, you'll get this book and start working your way thru the list. We'll both be glad we did.

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