Choose Your Best Internet Business Today!

Are you clueless about what is the best internet business for you? I've spent the last year exploring how to earn money online. Choosing what to do is often the hardest part! I've found an easy way to brainstorm business ideas. I hope you'll keep reading to find out more!

I'm an internet entrepreneur. My businesses are all online now. When I closed my retail business, I realized that that the internet had changed everything. How?

I'd spent 8 years sitting in my shop all day long,waiting for customers to arrive. Running an online business freed me from that. The internet is "always on" so I'm always open for business.

One way I've made money is by selling on eBay and other websites. That worked just fine. I've met some wonderful people from all over the world. I love and use what I sell.

The problem is that my profit is limited by selling that way. Each and every thing I sell takes time and an investment, and I only get paid once for each thing I sell. Yes, it works, but it's just not an efficient way to earn the income I'd like.

When I learned about residual income... money made over and over from selling the same product, it sounded really good. But how do I apply that idea online? I needed to discover the best internet business for myself to run.

Well, I like to write and I'm curious. I like doing research and learning new things. The time spent online learning about this and that has given me valuable knowledge. And information is what the internet is all about.

There's lots of different ways to make money online by writing about what you love (or hate) to do every day. I call it “Lifestyle Monitization.” That's a fancy way to say that you're making money with the things you already do or use every day.

Lots of people get bogged down and complicate choosing their best internet business. If you want to get started quickly, "look in your own backyard!" Look at what you already know and do daily!

Well, this sounds pretty obvious. Can you really choose your best internet business this way? Give it a try. Lots of people have taken the time to find out how to make money this way, and you can too. This is a simple way to brainstorm the best internet business for you. Let me explain what I mean.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Every day we make LOTS of choices. Choices...

  • about the food we eat
  • whether we grow it ourselves
  • how healthy or not it is for us
  • where we chose to buy what we eat ( big box store or small market, produce from a local farm or not)
  • how we prepare it
  • how we get rid of what we don't use

Wow, you've made choice after choice just about the food you eat. You probably never realized how many decisions you make every day. And any of those is an idea for your best internet business.

Take me, for example. I make and drink coffee... all-day-long! What do I know about coffee that I could share with others? Just sitting here, thinking for less than a minute, I came up with:

  • What is my choice of coffee? Fair trade, organic, or otherwise grown? Why?
  • Decaf or regular?
  • Choice of coffee maker. Simple or fancy? Why?
  • What kind of water do I use? Tap water? Filtered water? What kind of water filter? Purified water? Why?
  • Is drinking too much coffee a heath hazard or not? Who says?
  • How about some recipes for coffee drinks and treats to go with it?
  • And if I go out and buy coffee, do I go to the big guy or support my local coffee shop?
Wow again! And that's just about my coffee. What about tea? Cocoa? Hot vs cold cereal. Bacon, eggs... well, you get the picture.

And in case you think I'm kidding, go ahead and do a search about these topics. You'll be amazed at how much information there is available. And there's just as many people looking for that information. Why not be an answer person? Yes, you. Hey expert! That's you, morning-breakfast-eater.

And that's only the first half-hour of your day. These ideas could go on and on. For instance, here's another idea. Do you commute to work? Yes? Well...

  • Do you drive alone, car-pool, ride public transportation?
  • What kind of vehicle do you use?
  • Where is it from?
  • How did you decide what you drive?
  • Or do you ride a bike to work?
  • Did you choose to live near your job for low environmental inpact?
  • Do you work from home with no commute involved?

By now my head is spinning! Just think about the potential for earning money! Go ahead, think about what you've done so far this day... what you've done and why you did it. This will point you to several "niches" to explore further. When you're through, you'll have your best internet business idea!

Now you may be wondering, "Who'd be interested in my opinion?" Well, the internet has about a billion people on it daily, and they are mostly looking for information.

They need to know this and that about simple things.

  • Maybe they want to know what kind of coffee an environmentally-conscious person should be drinking.
  • Maybe they've just decided to change one thing in their routine to be more earth-friendly.
  • Maybe they need to save money by making their coffee at home or at the office instead of sending out for lattes.
    • Well, YOU have just the information they need to make their choice. That makes you, at least in relation to them, a coffee expert.

      If you don't really feel like an expert yet, could you find out more? Do some research now to fill in your knowledge gaps. Your knowledge and experience will give you several ideas of what to do next.

      That leads to your next question. You've found your best internet business. Now you want to know exactly how anybody would find your opinion, right? The internet is a huge place and you're just one small voice. After all, it's not like you have a website.

      Getting a website is easy. I have one, you could too. Click here to read about the first step to starting a web business. And just how would you be making money with your website and information? That, my friend, is affiliate marketing. And it's the topic for my next webpage. Coming soon... please check back tomorrow.

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