Free eBay Templates

Can using free eBay templates really make your eBay listing look more professional while costing you nothing?

Sure! You can find lots of free eBay auction templates to customize your auctions and help build your own distinctive brand. Or you can make some simple changes to how your listings look while writing your item's description.

Both options are easy once you know where to find them!

There's really two parts of an eBay listing or auction sales page. The top part of the page is most visible to the buyer. It's filled with info you enter on your SIY (sell it yourself) form. The look of this area can't be changed. Beneath the top area is the part that you can customize.

First-lets look at how to change how your listing looks with free tools available on the eBay website. To edit your the way your description looks, you'll need to use a browser that's compatible with eBay. Safari, the new Google “Chrome,” and some other browsers aren't compatible . Using Firefox from Mozilla is one solution.

These changes are temporary unless you do them with the CREATE TEMPLATE option. First, click the tab marked SELL (upper right of page). This will take you to a page with a tab that says START SELLING. Under the heading SELL WITH A TEMPLATE, click CREATE TEMPLATES.

You'll need to choose a category for your listing. Don't worry if you sell a variety of things in different categories. You can change to a different category when doing your actual listings without disturbing the template. I've found that it's best to be creating an actual listing while creating a template.

Fill in the item title, add pictures, and scroll down to DESCRIBE THE ITEM YOU'RE SELLING. This section has two tabs... standard & HTML Clicking on standard shows you things you can change. You can make easy changes to your listing by changing the

  • font type
  • font color
  • font size
that you choose when filling in the description box. Or change the font to bold, italic and underline it. Have fun! Experiment with the free tools you're given.

If you click HTML, all the options disappear, you'll get to enter HTML code for how the listing will look. If you enter your own code, remember that there's things you can't do because they're either eBay-illegal or are incompatible with eBay's code. This is also where you'll enter the code of your chosen free ebay templates.

Almost Free eBay template changes found on eBay!

There's another eBay template change that isn't free but only costs a dime for each use. Beneath the item description are 50 “listing designer” templates of borders. This is a cheap and fast fix if you just want to spiff up a special auction.

The last free eBay template available on eBay isn't really free but is included in the monthly fee for your store.

Do you need an eBay store? Are you serious about making money by selling things on eBay? Do you plan to keep inventory listed regularly? If yes, then opening an eBay store of your own is a good idea. I have one and it works great for what I sell!

To find these free eBay auction templates once you've signed up for a store, click on MANAGE MY STORE under SHORTCUTS on the left side of your MY EBAY page. These templates are are found and managed in “display settings. Themes & display will give you very basic templates for your store page.

While doing research for this page, I found a page on eBay that's full of useful information. AND links to free eBay auction templates. AND tons of free auction tools. Click there for eBay template and graphics info & tools.

More free eBay templates

There are lots more free eBay templates. Just use Google or another other search engine. Use the phrase "free eBay template". I've done some research for you to save you some time. Click here to learn what free eBay template websites could do to help you succeed on eBay.

So... do you really NEED anything special to be successful selling on eBay? No. But if you want to "spiff up" your auctions and maybe increase sales, using one of the many no-cost eBay templates is the way to go.

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